help with passwds

Tru64 User tru64user at
Mon Nov 5 10:19:04 GMT 2001

[Please email me directly for I do not belong to the
mailing list]
i use C2 security on Unix, tru64.
Also run samba on same machine (4.0g).
I access unix storage from windows--> Network
neighborhood, and open respec unix server shares using
my unix username/passwd.

Recently i re-activated my c2 on unix ofcourse (kind
of reload, convuser -a). Then i changed my unix

Now opening shares from windows does not recognize my
new passwd. However, it still accepts the old one!!
I donot have the private/smbpasswd file, so not sure
how authentication is done by the windoze machine to
unix. Don't forget that using old username/passwd
works fine!

_Thanks in Advance.

Any pointers?


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