Ugh, Does Interfaces not work?

John W. Kreger jwkreger at
Mon Nov 5 09:51:04 GMT 2001

I'm a college student, but I also have an private network behind my
firewall at college, and I have an ipsec tunnel to my office.  I had to
recently use the printer port on my firewall, so I ended up installing
samba, and told it only to talk to my office network.  Well, it managed to
pick up the browser list..... and it got ahold of a local browser role as
soon as it came up because I have a second DMZ on it, one thing led to
another, and Now the campus browser list appears in network neighboorhood
at the main office, and three other employee's houses..... I had
firewalled off port 137-139 a very long time ago, so I find it hard to
beleave it, but I guess samba got the browse list through broadcasts.  

Any advice that any of you all can give me regarding cleaning up this mess
and getting rid of the eight domains being listed and passed around some
odd 80 boxes on an ipsec network?

BTW, My roommate and some friends have expressed intrest in being able to
print to my two printers.  This would mean that I would have to open up
samba to the outside world.  I would most likely use another copy, but how
would I keep samba from sharing the browse list with everything else.

I guess what I'm looking for is

A) How do I get samba to stop sharing a browser list that it shouldnt be
able to even get.
B) keep two copys of samba running on the same box from talking.
C) advice on removing the erronious domains/workgroups.

Justin Kreger/LW, AKA the Evil Dude, MCP MCSE CCNA
jkreger at  jwkreger at

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