Win 2000 says Samba file as a revision 3 ACL (ACL_REVISION3)

David Brodbeck DavidB at
Mon Nov 5 07:12:03 GMT 2001

I've gotten this error under NT4 when the default ACL and the directory ACL
for a folder on a Samba machine are not the same.  My guess is that since NT
does not allow this situation (you can only cause the permissions on the
folder to be inherited, not arbitrary defaults) it's unable to deal with the
situation and gives the error.

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On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Matthew Von-Maszewski wrote:

> Hey,
> Would anyone be able to point me to info on ACL_REVISION3
> specifications? My lowly MSDN and SDK seem to only know about
> ACL_REVISION2.  A file on Win 2000 share has revision 2, same file
> copied to samba share has revision 3.
> Context:  I am looking at the security descriptor for files under
> Windows 2000.

Jeremy would know.  I don't know off the top of my head, but

cheers, jerry
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