DOS Archivbit ?

Jon Gerdes GERDESJ at
Mon Nov 5 05:03:03 GMT 2001


This is an excerpt from man smb.conf:

map archive (S)
This controls whether the DOS archive attribute should be mapped to the UNIX owner execute bit. The DOS archive bit is set when a file has been modified since its last backup. One motivation for this option it to keep Samba/your PC from making any file it touches from becoming executable under UNIX. This can be quite annoying for shared source code, documents, etc...

Note that this requires the create mask parameter to be set such that owner execute bit is not masked out (i.e. it must include 100). See the parameter create mask for details.

Default: map archive = yes

Hope that is what you are looking for.

Jon Gerdes

>>> <loos_alexander at> 05/11/2001 12:40:36 >>>

is there a chance to set or to simulate the "DOS Archivbit" in Samba.

This is very interesting for us because we cannot make a backup of our Files with the Option incremental of our Backup Software.



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