Yield_connection errors

Jon Gerdes GERDESJ at whl.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 02:37:03 GMT 2001

Dear all

I have a fairly well loaded Samba box (up to 500 concurrent users) running on Mandrake 8.0.  I have recently upgraded to 2.2.2.  I have used Samba from around 2.0.7 ish and never had any problems.

Now after a while I get loads of this in smb.log:

[2001/11/05 10:00:42, 0] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(62)
  yield_connection: tdb_delete for name  failed with error Record does not exist.
[2001/11/05 10:00:42, 1] smbd/process.c:process_smb(852)
  Connection denied from

So I restart Samba and off it goes again for around a day or so.

I tried upgrading to kernel 2.4.13 from 2.4.7 to see if that helped but no joy.  I am using ReiserFS but have never had problems before.

I am completely at a loss, I've had a quick look through the list (last two months worth) and see others reporting the same error but no resolution.

Jon Gerdes

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