winbindd + getent group = segfault

Jaakko Niemi liiwi at
Mon Nov 5 01:09:04 GMT 2001


  This happens with Debian 2.2.2 packages as well as self compiled

  getent passwd works, as does wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g. I can see 
  all groups and users with those. However if I run winbindd -i 
  and do getent group, I see it finding domains and their sids
  find, then few times:

   fill_grent_mem(): could not lookup membership for group rid xxxx in domain DOMAIN
   could not lookup domain group DOMAIN+foo-bar-baz

  and then segfault. DOMAIN here is the primary domain where this
  machine belongs. 

  Any ideas appreciated. Please cc me as I'm not on the list and read
  it rarely through web archives. 


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