Samba and Win98 dial-up more detailed

Joel Hammer Joel at
Sun Nov 4 12:30:03 GMT 2001

I don't have your original posts.
You can't use those 192.168 addresses on the internet.
I assume that your linux box is not going out on the internet.
I assume that your windows box was getting an IP address from a server on
the internet.
If this is corrrect, you will likely have to give your windows box two ip
names (aliases), one to use on the internet and one to use on your intranet
I don't know your network setup and I don't know much about windows. You
might be able to give your network card two ip's, or you might need to
install a second network card in your windows box.
If might make more sense to use your linux box as a gateway and put your
windows box behind it.

> TCP/IP settings:
> *Server assigned IP address  <----Who is your server?

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