Plea for help: Windows/Linux interoperability diffculties

Brad Chapman jabiru_croc at
Sun Nov 4 12:03:33 GMT 2001

Mr. Hammer,

--- Joel Hammer <jhammer2 at> wrote:
> > > Linux clients can ask the server to filter their print jobs, which
> > > usually arrive as postscript documents at the server.
> > 
> > 	Huh? AFAIK, when configured smbd will use the system's printing
> > commands to print. AFAICT, it has always done this, whether implicitly or
> > explicitly configured.
> >  
> I would not abandon this line of investigation just yet.
> For example, here are the print commands you have specified in your global
> section.
> 	print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P%p -h -r %s
>         lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq -P%p
>         lprm command = /usr/bin/lprm -P%p %j
>         lppause command = /usr/bin/lpc -P%p stop
>         lpresume command = /usr/bin/lpc -P%p start
> Have you verified the %p is the print queue you want the jobs to
> go to?  You have a generic printer share and and a specific printer share.
> Maybe they see %p not quite the way you might expect.

	* :-O

	I never thought of doing that..... But I don't think it's the issue,
since I've done a share list of the machine running the printer and didn't
see any duplicates.

> I would put a preexec command in my printer share(s):
> exec = echo This is printer share (put in the printer share name) %p >
> /tmp/queue
> and see which queue and share are being invoked.

	Will do; just not right now. My dad is still upset that it's b0rKen :(

> It is very unlikely that
> the same queue will handle prefiltered jobs from windows and 
> postscript jobs requiring filtering.
> Hmmm.. Which prompts me to ask: Is your printer a postscript printer? If so,
> that might explain why the same queue can handle either windows or linux
> clients!

	Yes. I believe it is a PostScript printer. Whenever the Windows
systems printed in the past, after the compulsory crash :(, it was
always sent through the printer drivers first, and then through the Linux
print filter before reaching the printer. It was never messed-up-looking
as a result of passing through two filters.

> Joel


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