Samba and Win98 dial-up more detailed

Tamu Green tamu at
Sun Nov 4 11:28:03 GMT 2001

Since I changed the network settings on my Win98 machine from obtain an IP
address automatically to specify an IP address so that my Linux box can see
it using samba, I now get a DNS configuration problem when I connect to the
Internet using my dial-up connection. What should I do?  To help here are
the settings below.

Before I connected Samba:

Win98 Box Configuration:
TCP/IP – Intel Ethernet Card  Properties settings: Obtain IP address

Dial Up Networking Setting:
Dial Up Server type: PPP:Internet, Winnt server, Win98
TCP/IP settings:
*Server assigned IP address
*Server assigned name server addresses
*Use IP header compression
*Use default gateway on remote network

Advanced options that are checked: enable software compression
Allow network protocol are checked

After Networking with samba:

To setup a private network I gave the WIN98 machine
Same as above Dial Up networking settings

Instead of using obtain an IP address for the Ethernet card setting.
I used specify an IP address
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

Winconfig – Blank
Gateway –

My Linux box is using IP address:

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