Migration from Samba-TNG-alpha 2.6.1 to Samba-2.2.x

Daniel Paul dpaul at gmx.net
Sat Nov 3 14:20:06 GMT 2001


first of all, this is a message corresponding to a thread named similar in
tng-users mailinglist (tng-users at samba-tng.org).
I am successfully running a samba-tng server at work for quite a year now
but now I want to get to the "official" version (2.2.x) again for increased
stability, namely in file locking issues. The samba-tng server is holding about
35 users along with their samba passwords and profiles now (Win2k mainly,
some 9x/ME), so I don't want to lose the passwords and profiles during
migration, if possible.
So I know where the domain SID is stored in tng and from what algorithm the
user RIDs are created (and that they are stored nowhere).
Now my important question:

Could you please if it is possible to migrate the SID and RIDs into an
Samba-2.2.x server? Maybe there is an identical file holding the SID or the
algorithm for the RID is the same?

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated,

Thanks in advance

Daniel Paul
bitubi.de GmbH
Gottschedstr. 12
D-04109 Leipzig

mailto:dpaul at gmx.net OR paul@[NO-SPAM]bitubi.de

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