winbind/samba across subnet bounderies?

Andreas Schuldei andreas at
Sat Nov 3 09:59:02 GMT 2001

I have two samba servers (version 2.2.2-2, debian sid) with
identical configuration. One stands in the server room and is
part of the server subnet. the other is in the normal 'user'
subnet. I added both server (several times!) to the win2000
domain. the procedure was identical. Both have secret.tbs files
of 8192 bytes opposite to the 6xx bytes which they have when they
are not joined to the domain. Both 'join procedures' where
successfully completed. 

The samba server in the server subnet is working fine and seems
healthy. but the one in the workstation subnet can not verify his
secret with wbinfo -t. it returns 'bad secret'. The error code (I
belief) is 0x22c. I started winbind with debugging and from the
output I got the impressing that there is some issure with
locateing the PDC, wbinfo beliefes it is down.

Has someone seen this behaviour before and can help me?

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