Wierd Problem

Doug Douglass samba at denverdata.com
Fri Nov 2 14:39:02 GMT 2001

Wierd ProblemHmmm, the fact that you can't ssh to the machine points to some
problem other than samba. Did anyone change ipchains/iptables rules,
hosts.deny, etc? Are you able to successfully use smbclient to access shares
on the samba machine itself? What does /var/log/messages have to say?
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  OK everything was working fine before I went to lunch but when I came back
I could no longer see the Samba printer or shares so I rebooted the machine
and saw that all the services started. I checked swat and it states the smb
and nmbd are running and all the shares are there. Also before I left I
could ssh into the machine and now I can't do that either. I can ping the
machine and Windows can resolve the name but thats it.

  Any Ideas.

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