Samba and Windows 95

Cain Brian-BCAIN1 Brian.Cain at
Fri Nov 2 14:11:04 GMT 2001

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> From: Erich Kolb [mailto:ekolb at]
> Why would a windows95 box not be able to see a Samba file server?

Are you covering its eyes?

In all seriousness, this question is far too open-ended.  I assume you don't want a list of reasons...right?!

There's probably a million reasons why a windows 95 box would not be able to "see" a Samba file server.  Work your way up the layers.  Can you ping this machine? (Make sure you use its network address, eliminate name resolution as a possible point of failure).  It's very possible that your problem is not related to samba at all.  Once you're certain that IP traffic can travel between these two computers, start to check samba's logs while you're trying to access a share on the samba server.  Are you just browsing for the computer, and it doesn't show up in the heirarchy?  Have you tried typing in the UNC path to the machine (e.g. "\\netbios-name\share-name") in the shell you're using?


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