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Fri Nov 2 11:26:01 GMT 2001

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Original message from: "Erich Kolb"
>	Here is the deal.. My company is currently running all of there file shares
>on an OS2 box that is attached to our as400.  This has caused many problems
>with the as400 so we are going to move over to using Samba for file storage
>/ network run applications.  My question is this.  I am planning to "clone"
>all the shares on our OS2 box with the Samba server that I have created,
>turn off the OS2 shares, rename the Samba box to the server name of the OS2
>box.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  ALL of our workstations are on
>win95/98 and each workstation is manually mapped to the OS2 fileserver name.
>Will I run into problems doing this?  Also, there are some machines which
>are running MS Office off of the same server due to space restrictions on
>the desktop.  Should I expect any problems there?

Hi, Erich.

I had a similar situation several years ago.  Our OS/2 server, on the same network as the AS/400, 
crashed and I was unable to resurrect it.  I installed Linux and Samba on the same hardware and 
reinstalled the necessary shares and everything was fine.  If your Samba server has the same name 
as the OS/2 server, I would think it would be transparent to the users.  In your smb.conf file you 
will probably need to assign your domain name on the "workgroup = " line, and the Samba server name 
in the "netbios name = " line.  I can't recall for sure what our security setting was, but I think 
we used "security = user".

Good luck.

Bill Grzanich
IT Manager
ORGANICS/LaGrange, Inc.

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