Samba and OS2 changeover

Erich Kolb ekolb at
Fri Nov 2 11:08:02 GMT 2001

	Here is the deal.. My company is currently running all of there file shares
on an OS2 box that is attached to our as400.  This has caused many problems
with the as400 so we are going to move over to using Samba for file storage
/ network run applications.  My question is this.  I am planning to "clone"
all the shares on our OS2 box with the Samba server that I have created,
turn off the OS2 shares, rename the Samba box to the server name of the OS2
box.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  ALL of our workstations are on
win95/98 and each workstation is manually mapped to the OS2 fileserver name.
Will I run into problems doing this?  Also, there are some machines which
are running MS Office off of the same server due to space restrictions on
the desktop.  Should I expect any problems there?

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