WinXP - Can Join 2.2.2 domain - Not log on

Ted Wisniewski ted at
Fri Nov 2 09:56:02 GMT 2001

(* Ted Wisniewski wrote:
(* > I have tried the "SignorSeal" registry hack I found in the samba 2.2.2
(* > distribution, however the registry editor refuses to enter it into the registry.
(* Yes, you need the SignorSeal registry change, but the file contains a small 
(* error. Open it with your favorite text editor, then make sure that the 
(* REGEDIT4 line appears at the top, before any of the comments. It then works.

	I had done the registry change manually...  but your statement
does hold true...  Editing the file does remedy that.  I have placed
a debug file for the attempted logon at:

Perhaps this will help in identifying the problem.   Debug level was set
to 10.


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