Connecting through a firewall

Hans Scheffers hans at
Fri Nov 2 06:43:03 GMT 2001

Hello Barry,

Friday, November 02, 2001, 3:23:07 PM, you wrote:

BC> Generally speaking, you shouldn't.  The more holes you punch through your 
BC> firewall, the less secure it becomes.

BC> That having been said, I'd also like to use samba across a firewall, but for a 
BC> specific purpose.  Here's my setup:

BC>            OUTSIDE
BC>               |
BC>            firewall
BC>            |      |

That is als my setup (with other IP numbers as Barry) and when I try a
'nmblookup -B CLIENT '*'

I get the following reply:

added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Can't determine ip for broadcast address
querying * on
name_query failed to find name *

Any ideas?

Best regards,
 Hans                            mailto:hans at

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