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Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Fri Nov 2 03:48:02 GMT 2001

On Friday 02 November 2001 01:31, Renier wrote:
> Morning,
>     I am sitting with a slight problem at the moment my situation is :
>     I have a machine running Linux( Mandrake ) with Samba on and another
> with Win '98.
>     I have a shared drive on my Win '98 machine. The Linux machine can see
> the shared drive and can write files to it. But what happens is that I
> create a file on my Linux machine and then I rename it to another filename
> on the shared drive of the Win '98 machine,  but there is a 2.5        
> second delay before my Win '98 machine sees the rename of the filename.
>     I would just like to know whether you have encountered this problem
> before, and how I might fix the delay in the rename.

Are you looking at the file in Windows explorer? Have you hit F5 to update explorer's
view of the files? Explorer doesn't continually poll the filesystem to watch for changes.
It's typical for explorer to only check the file for changes every few seconds. If hitting
F5 does not instantly show the filename change, then this is a different problem than
what I'm describing. Otherwise, you just need to hit F5 if you want to see changes

Bill Moran
Potential Technology technical services

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