Win2k Roaming Profiles problems under NTFS

OenusTech oenustech at
Fri Nov 2 01:30:52 GMT 2001

Hi there!

I have a Samba 2.2.2 PDC on linux 2.4.13 with ACL ( support
installed. There seems to be a problem with Roaming Profiles. Win2k with
local NTFS filesystem will never delete roaming profiles (yes, I have
regedited the DeleteRoamingCache to 1). In fact, any time TheUser logs back
in, a new folder named TheUser.OURDOMAIN.??? (where ? is an integer) will
be created, duplicating the files never erased before. That DOESN´T happen
if the Win2k client has a FAT32 filesystem (user/group permissions do not
exist), so I assumed it might be a permissions problem (in fact, I,
Administrator, cannot delete these profiles unless I waste 10 minutes
changing the set-by-the-system permissions for those profiles). At the
begining, I thought that might a problem for not having ACL support in the
server, for not being able to save the original profile´s permissions as
created by Win2k the first time, but now I do have it, ACL works perfect,
but this odd behavior continues.

Has anyone else here experienced this? Does anyone know of a solution?


Ignasi Garcia

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