Samba network recycle bin

Eelco Vriezekolk eelco at
Fri Nov 2 00:00:21 GMT 2001

Bill Moran wrote:

> Regardless, I disagree.  A network recycle bin should catch deleted files no
> matter what manner they were deleted in.  Patching Explorer would not accomplish
> this.
> Even better would be a patch for the underlying OS that would allow anything
> deleted by *any* method to go to a local recycling bin - that way, Netatalk,
> NFS and even local files will go through the recycle bin before being totally trashed.

Well, I disagree to that. I guess that different users have different 
requirements. My use of a network recycle bin is NOT as a kind of filesystem 
garbage collection, but as an "ohmygod" safety net for users. Only for files 
delete through user interaction.

But I agree that the "veto recycle" option would be very useful. Especially 
since it will be difficult (impossible?) for Samba to discover whether a 
file deletion is through user interaction or not.

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