Passwords on shares

Jon jons at
Thu Nov 1 14:34:06 GMT 2001


Hope this list is as fast and as helpful as some other lists I use.

My main problem is this, I have 2 unix boxes on a network along with a couple of windows boxes.

1 box runs NetBSD 1.5.2 the other Runs Red Hat Linux 7.0

I built and set up Samba on both boxes.

The netbsd one runs fine, I have one share which is the whole disk.  I can see it just fine, browse and drop files and get files. Perfect.

The redhat box is misbehaving, I can see the share just fine BUT it asks for a password before it will let me get at it!

I run the smbclient -U% -L local command on both and both are the same (apart from the obvious) and when I run swat the configs are the same, the smb.conf files are 
the same.

So why does it ask me for a password?

It seems to be looking for the IPC$ resource instead of the share that is set up. Why?

Thanks in advance

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