Samba network recycle bin

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Thu Nov 1 10:16:44 GMT 2001

I e-mailed him a week or so ago and he said he was going to take a look
at it, but I haven't heard anything since.  He knew it didn't work but I
think he had other priorities (he works for a university) at the time. 
Maybe someone else could take a look at it.  I tried but I just don't
know anything about C code.

Chris Tooley

On Thu, 2001-11-01 at 09:17, Daniel William Schultz wrote:
> The patch for 2.2.1a just works for 2.2.1a :(
> I tried to patch the 2.2.2, but happened some error messages :/
> Does anyone have modified the patch to work on 2.2.2 ? I have sent an 
> email for the author, but until now I got no response.
> Thanks,
> Daniel William.

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