Solaris 8-Samba 222-Winbind Questions

dennis dennis.moreno at
Thu Nov 1 10:15:07 GMT 2001


I getting ready to migrate from samba 209 to 222. I'd like to use
Windbind to authenticate against
a WNT4 PDC. I understand, from reading the docs, how winbind works with
respect to users and groups...
it basically creates unix accounts using a given uid and gid range. I
have a couple of questions...

1. I have existing unix user accounts and group accounts. Will I need to
map these accounts to the
winbind accounts, in some way, to enable access to existing files and
directories, owned by existing
accounts, on the samba server? If so, how is this typically done?

2. Does pam/winbind allow synchronization of passwords from unix to nt
when changed in the unix environment?
   How about from nt to unix?

thanks in advance


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