Solaris8 (Intel) smbtar command to F:

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Thu Nov 1 09:02:05 GMT 2001

Hello Family,

In yesterday's head thumper I had to attempt to (remotely) grab some
wedding photo's for my wife from my Win2000 machine to Solaris-8
running Samba-2.2.2

The examples show the following;

smbtar -s dumbo -t /dev/st0 -x windows

That assumes your backing up a directory, the directory is on your
(windows) C:\WINDOWS

I just needed a few jpg's from another drive on my windows box but
the path I typed (hoping) didn't work. I was looking at other
examples that stated you could just create a file instead of it
going to a tape drive which in my case doesn't exist.

smbtar -s dumbo -t files.tar -x F:\PHOTOS\wedding*

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