Getent problem in samba 2.2

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1. Make sure you have installed in a directory which is
listed in /etc/
2. Symlink to in the same directory.
3. Run ldconfig.
4. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf, and add "winbind" to the passwd and group lines.

To get more information about what is happening when you run getent, use
"strace getent passwd", and watch the output. See if it tries to load If it does not, check step 4, above. See if it reports
an error when it tries to use If so, check steps 1
through 3. Run "ldconfig -p | grep winbind" to see if the winbind nss
library is available. If not, check steps 1 through 3.

When the name service fails to load a library, it doesn't report that it had
a problem. There is an assumption that services which may be queried later
may resolve the name, so it's not treated as an error.

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Subject: Getent problem in samba 2.2
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I am using samba 2.2.2 in NT Domain as a member server. I am able to do
wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g. Both the commands are working properly but I am not
able to get domain users
password and group information through 

getent passwd and getent group 

Please help me how to rectify this problem.

Deep Pandey
Network Control Centre 
GE Capital International Services
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