Samba as PDC

Guilherme Barile gui at
Thu Nov 1 06:21:04 GMT 2001


 I'm working for a client who wishes to change all his windows nt servers to linux servers, but he must retain File Serving capabilities, and 85% of his terminals are windows (the rest are macintoshes).
 For security, I'm thinking about using linux+samba+winbind to use unix users as domain users. What I imagine is that someone logs on the network and have access to his(her) home directory, plus a "Shared Documents" directory, which is someplace everybody in a particular group can access.

 What's the difficulty of doing that ?
 I'm really new to samba and only used that as a WINS server on routers.
 If anyone can also tell me real case studies for similar situations, please send me also.

 Thanks in advance for the information

 Guilherme Barile
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