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Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Nov 1 05:33:04 GMT 2001

On Thursday 01 November 2001 01:19, Eelco Vriezekolk wrote:
> Chris Tooley wrote:
> > Not to mention that this patch doesn't necessarily apply to 2.2.2
> > cleanly yet.  The 2.2.0 patch has been running like a champ for a few
> > monthes though and I love it.  I hope it gets rewritten into VFS code so
> > I don't have to keep re-compiling.
> There is a difference between Windows' recycle bin and the Network
> recycle bin. Windows only uses the recycle bin when deleting a file
> through the GUI (Windows Explorer), and then only for local drives.
> However, the Network recycle bin will preserve every deleted file. If
> you have an application that happens to make many temporary files on a
> Samba share, your Network recycle bin will fill very quickly, and with
> "rubbish" files.

A little foresight would allow this to _really_ be done right.  A few options
in the "recycle bin" config, such as:
* veto recycle = *glob*
If I recall correctly, the network recycle bin product for NT has this option.

> The best option would be to patch Windows Explorer, and not Samba. Could
> someone send me the source for Explorer, please? :-)

Yeah, right.  Just about the time I get the source for Windows 95 so I can fix
all the problems with my clients who refuse to upgrade!

Regardless, I disagree.  A network recycle bin should catch deleted files no
matter what manner they were deleted in.  Patching Explorer would not accomplish
Even better would be a patch for the underlying OS that would allow anything
deleted by *any* method to go to a local recycling bin - that way, Netatalk,
NFS and even local files will go through the recycle bin before being totally trashed.

Bill Moran
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