Samba And Macintosh(netatalk)

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Thu Nov 1 05:31:06 GMT 2001

Thank for the reply Bill,

Are you running this in a prepress or design house environment?



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On Wednesday 31 October 2001 10:50, Kroboth, Joe wrote:
> Hello,
> Anyone out there running a production network supporting PC and Macintosh
> clients using samba and netatalk.  we are currently using NT 4.0 with
> AppleTalk-IP software.   Sharing the same files with the Macs and the pc
> a must.

Yes, works great.  About 15 Macs, and about 10 NT/W2K stations.
FreeBSD 4.4 running Samba 2.2.2 and latest Netatalk

> I read someplace that samba 2.2.2 supports Appletalk.  Is this true?

Don't know.

Bill Moran
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