what to put inside smb.conf

Storm Jumper stormjumper at myrealbox.com
Thu Nov 1 04:58:06 GMT 2001

hi Daniel,

no, it's in kilobytes.
and it doesn't delete, it adds a .old extension.

my email address is stormjumper at myrealbox dot com
pls remove the unnecessary bits from the reply address
i apologise for the inconvenience
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Subject: what to put inside smb.conf

>             hi all,
>                     i know that i can restrict the log file size in
> /var/samba/log/log.%I by using max log size=50. does this refer to
50mb? is
> there any line that i can put in to restrict log.smb size in
> /var/samba/log.smb?
>           Regards,
>           Daniel Tan
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