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Thu Nov 1 04:03:03 GMT 2001

On 31 Oct, Eduardo wrote:

> I am with difficulties of configuration of the SAMBA in RedHat 7.1,
> he/she would like to know configurations of the SAMBA, because I have
> terminals WINDOWS 98 and I want to share directories in LINUX.

The Troubleshooting section in the "Using Samba" book is very good.
You can even download a PDF of the whole book for free from the O'Reilly
web site.  You should definitely try all their tips first.

Have you done an smbpasswd -a "eduardo"?
Have you chosen the same password for Windows and Unix?

If there are still problems, try turning off all your firewalling rules:

	ipchains -F

(ipchains -L -n will show your the current rules).

You can turn them back on by:

	/etc/rc.d/init.d/ipchains restart

smb needs to haev tcp port 139 open, and udp ports 137, 138 open, I


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