Samba and hidden files problem

Rodney Arne Karlsen samba at
Thu Nov 1 01:32:04 GMT 2001

Hi all

I have a not so little problem.

I have recently installed a samba file server at a clients premises. All
works fine until the decided to run a rather old dos based program.

For some unknown reason this software will not run unless cirtain files are
hidden. My problem now is that hidden files on linux filesystems and dos
filesystems are rather different. In linux all you do is put a . (dot) in
the beginning of the file name. In windows you set the hidden file

The server is being accessed from windows 9x clients.

If you try to set the hidden attribute via the windows client the attribute
does not stick. No error messages or anything, it just reverts to not being

Now I managed to find an option in samba "map hidden = yes" almost solves
my problem. With this set all files in the share are hidden and cannot be
unhidden. The hidden check box in the windows file properties box is also
greyed out.

I found another option "dos filemode = yes" which once set un-greys the
hidden box but everything still stays hidden.

The problem I have now is that all files are either hidden or un-hidden and
the client wants their software working.

I am using 2.2.0a on slackware 8. Any ideas?


Rodney Arne Karlsen

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