System node authenticaton error

Bhandari Akeel F Akeel.Bhandari at ICL.COM
Thu Nov 1 00:51:11 GMT 2001


I am having problems with machine authentication on an NT workstation 4.0
SP6a client. The current version of samba is 2.0.4b complied on
Sequent/Dynix 4.4.8. We are using "smbd" and "nmbd" as services launched
from the inetd file. No restrictive or secure components have been enabled.
The "smb.conf" simply has the appropriate mount options defined. 

The problem occurs when we attempt to establish  a connection from the NT
client. The NT registry entries have been updated for
"EnablePlainTextPassword - DWORD -HEX - DATA 1" and the NT client has been
rebooted several times. When we try this on alternative systems there are no
problems and it works and maps with out any errors or issues.

The NT systems reports the same error each time:

	Machine is not authorised to use this connection

I have checked the samba configuration on other systems included new builds
and no problems are experienced.

It would be appreciated if you could throw some light on this problem. Is
their something seriously wrong with the NT registry entries? Or am I doing
something extreme wrong. 

Many thanks in advance

Akeel Bhandari

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