Win95/Linux problem...

Jessica Rasku jrasku at
Sat Mar 31 03:30:28 GMT 2001

	I have been trying to setup Samba on my Linux box and have gone
through the DIAGNOSIS.txt procedure and everything seems to be working
fine, by that.  I can connect to shares using:

	net use x: \\server\share

	This isn't a problem.  The problem arises when I try to
print.  When I try to print, it reports an ``unknown system error'' and
refuses to print.  I'm not sure what this problem may be related to,
though I suspect it has something to do with the Win95 box.
	Another thing that is happening (or not happening) is that when I

	net view

	It doesn't see the Linux server.  nmbloookup works fine, the Win95
just doesn't want to actualy see the Linux server unless told expliciately
what the server is called.


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