Swat problems

Joachim Feise jfeise at ics.uci.edu
Fri Mar 30 18:34:01 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Joachim Feise wrote:
> > I've been upgrading 2.2a2 to 2.2a3, and all of a sudden swat doesn't
> > accept logging in as root anymore. Is there a new parameter that I
> > have to add to my smb.conf?
> Nope.  No changes to the SWAT code that I know of.  I updated
> the HTML used in the from page.  That's it.  Can you get some more
> debugging information.  Did you compile from source, or maybe an
> RPM?  Did you enable PAM?

I compiled from source. No PAM. My system is Linux, Slackware 7.1.
I don't see any relevant debug info in the log files.
All I get is the dialog box "Authorization failed" in the browser.
I tried both locally (localhost:901) and over the net.
I can still use the swat binary from 2.2a2 without problems (that one
was also compiled from source).
The -a option works, of course, but I don't really want to use that.


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