Vas is das "hosed"?

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Fri Mar 30 17:20:32 GMT 2001

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> kramer SETH wrote:
>> what is up with the word hosed?  What exactly does it mean?
> "hosed", circa 1983, in this context essentially means FUBAR which is
> just a US
> Mil. acronym for "Fouled (or your favorite F word) Up Beyond All
> Recognition."

I had been using the words "hosed" or "boned", but they can have bad 
connotations, particularly right after an organization goes through sexual 
harassment training!

I learned a new one a few months ago, from "The Internet Help Desk" comedy 
routine (e-mail me for how to find it, if you have not heard it):  that 
word is "pooched" as in "Gee, I guess your registry got pooched".

Oh, and to make this Samba related, I was able to log into my Samba box 
once I added in a mapping to the UNIX group '+GROUPNAME' on valid users 
entry on the Globals page of SWAT.

- John

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