Two samba 2.0.7, one dialup line and excessive connects ...

Holger Schurig h.schurig at
Fri Mar 30 09:37:27 GMT 2001

Hi everybody.

I have to admin two offices, about 500 km apart. Because we're in 
Germany and dedicated lines (and even VPN ones over the internet) are 
very heavy in cost, we use a dialup ISDN connection. That is online 
almost 8 hours a day, but still cheaper.

Now the remote office said that their e-mail was too slow and I 
installed a second samba server for them, being a logon master so that 
they have their H: (home) drive locally, but the data drives from here. 
Works quite nice. My problem is not with the workstations or the lan 
browsing (that's described very fine in the various HOWTOs).

My problem is that one samba server connects the other server every 15 
minutes, even in the night when all workstations (only Win95 and Win98) 
are switched off.

Some excerpts from my main office smb.conf:

netbios name=LINUX
wins support=yes
name resolve order=wins host
domain logons=yes
domain master=yes
preferred master=yes
os level=65

(This is the big master: domain, logon, wins, time, everything)

And from the secondary server in the remote office:

netbios name=WEST
wins support=no
password server=LINUX
wins server=
wins proxy=yes
domain logons=yes
domain master=no
preferred master=yes
local master=yes
os level=65

(This server does not do WINS on itself, but refers to the main one. 
However, the server is a login server, so that the remote user get a 
different system logon script which maps some drives to this server and 
some drives to the main server).

And here is an excerpt of my syslog (trimmed down to save space)

02:48:09 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17
03:03:08 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17
03:18:09 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17
03:33:09 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17
03:48:09 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17
04:03:08 rtr dialup if 10001 prot 17

( is the remote server dubbed WEST, is one 
of the interfaces of the main server dubbed LINUX).

So it was always the remote Samba (ip 235.6) that tried to connect to 
my main samba server, roundabout every 15 minutes.

Is there any time setting where I can change this, or even prevent it 
so that they only connect when something changes in the browse list?

Or do I have to disable wins and use an LMHOSTS file so that the remote 
samba server knows the main samba server ?

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