Samba and FoxPro

Julian F E Crowe jfec at
Thu Mar 29 16:35:17 GMT 2001

Is Samba (1.19) incompatible with FoxPro?  We have tried to network a
database package (FoxPro is the underlying DBMS) by putting it in a Samba
share.  The database starts up and you can browse the tables, but it looks
as though FoxPro's record locking system causes the entire share to be
locked, so that further access to the shared drive (both in FoxPro and in
the Windows98 Explorer) is impossible until the record lock is released,
at which point everything is freed up again. The suppliers say that they
have no knowledge of anyone running their product (or indeed any
FoxPro-based application) with Samba and they believe there is a
fundamental incopmpatibility between FoxPro and Samba.  Does anyone have
any experience to the contrary? 

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