acces-problems for team-shares

Uwe at Uwe at
Thu Mar 29 12:11:22 GMT 2001


i'm a newbie to this mailinglist, so please excuse if i donany mistakes.

my question is the following:

Kernel 2.2.16-22enterprise
on RedHat Linux 7.0 

SambaVersion: samba-2.0.7-21ssl

i installed the software and configured differnet shares. All works very well 
with the users home-shares and the 2 public-shares i created.

also i created different shares depending on the groups of the users.

If i mount a share (from linux-client) with an valid username (which is also 
a member of the group which own the share) the hole mount-point on the 
linux-client gets invisible.

e.g when i mount the share

smbmount //server/mygroupshare /mnt/my-groupshare

im not able to see the mount-point on the clients local-harddisk any more

the config for this share is:

first the template ;)

   comment = Template Service for COPY(S)
   path = /var/tmp
   browseable = no
   public = no
   printable = no
   writeable = yes
   create mask = 0660
   directory mask = 0770
   force create mode = 0660
   force directory mode = 0770
   hide files = /.*/*.php*/*.inc/*.lib/
   veto files = /.*/*.php*/*.inc/*.lib/

and then the share itself

   copy = template
   comment = MY TEAMSHARE
   path = /home/TeamShare
   browseable = yes
   write list = @team
   force group = +team

another effect which does occur on the same share on a windows client is, the 
client can mount the share (net use x: \\servername\share-name\ ) and the 
client can browse the networkdrive (e.g. x:\) with it's explorer, 

but if he wants to open a file directly from within an application (e.g. 
MS-Word or so with the File-Open-Menue ) the client get a message which tells 
him that he has unsufficient permission to this networkdrive

the linux-permissions i think are ok, the directroy-owner is root, the 
group-owners are the teams (one dir for each tema)
, like this

drwxrwx---    6 root     team         4096 Mar  9 12:06 TeamShare

all users (which mount the share) are members of the group team.

As i explained the problem is not mounting the share, my problem is that the 
share cannot be displayed correctly on the linux-mountpoint, resp. cannot be 
used from within some windows-application (but can mounted on windows 

The Problem occures only on Windows NT- and W2K-clients, there are no 
problems on Win9x-clients (i think the ignore all permissions).

Can someone help to solve this problem?
this will be very nice ;)

best regards 


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