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Per Olofsson per.olofsson at
Thu Mar 29 07:09:07 GMT 2001


I have a question about the DOS/NT archive attribute.
I have an application  ( running i NT ) that changes the attribute archive 
on a samba volume ( UNIX Solaris ). The user that is logged in to 
sambavolume is not the same user that own the file The problem is that the 
owner of the file that the the application want to change attribute on 
could be a number of different users ( but all members of the same group ). 
But the user that the application has logged in to always are the same ( 
also member of the same group ). The UNIX security on the file is read and 
write for user group and other. As i understand the DOS/NT attribute 
archive is transfered to the execution bit for user. So i anderstand that a 
group member user cant change a user permission.
Is there any solotion on this problem. My solution now is to let the 
application logon with the most common user. Byt when the file is created 
with another user i get security problem, and cant set the archive attribute.


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