I need know, how mount smb filesystem on SCO UNIX

Alberto de Jesus Tinoco Ripoll tinoco at acicargo.com.co
Thu Mar 29 02:08:08 GMT 2001

I have ten pcs with win98 and a server with Sco Open Server, the question is how mount the Win9x device on Sco unix, like it Lan Manager Client (mount -fLMCFS win95:/c /mnt) or how i will can run lmc (lan manager client) with samba netbios ?

I have in my Sco Open Server, running samba but i not can run lmc with samba. 
the lmc run with "sco tcp netbios" but this come trouble with samba (conflicts of the socket 139 already in use).

I need know how mount like lmc with samba or how run lmc with smb-netbios.


Alberto Tinoco.
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