Fwd: Win98 domain logons unreliable

Bolek Vrany vrany at pascal.fjfi.cvut.cz
Wed Mar 28 18:16:30 GMT 2001


we have got the same problem. Czech Win98 workstations with FreeBSD 4.1
and Samba 2.0.7. Usually all logons are accepted, but someties it
refuses to log on - after a very long time (typically 30 s or more) it
complains about "Bad password or access to server has been denied".
Really bad password produces this message almost immediately. After
trying random number times more to log on with the same password it

And - we had the same problem when the server was Win NT 4.0. 

We have Samba set up to work as WINS and use WINS settings on the
workstations in the TCPIP protocol.

Somebody told me that somebody told him ... that this is due to
WINS/Windows registry problems. Windows will try to log on to the WINS
server. However, it will not find WINS for an unknown reason. Then it
will broadcast a message to the whole network and try to logon to the
first computer responding. This of course fails. This behaviour can be
avoided by setting a Windows registry key that controls the logon
process or making Samba to work correctly as WINS. 

I've just heard this. May be it helps - but unfortunately I have no idea
what key is it.

BTW, there are two entries in our /etc/hosts for the server

xxx.xxx.xxx.1  server.xxx.xxx
xxx.xxx.xxx.16 server.xxx.xxx

The server has two networks adapters, one for the 100Mbit subnet and the
other for 10Mbit subnet, but the same name on both networks. Is this

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