Samba 2.0.7 Network Neighborhood problem

Jacqueline B. Scoggins scoggins at
Wed Mar 28 02:03:17 GMT 2001

Does anyone know how I can fix the following problem?

Server running Solaris 5.7 with samba 2.0.7, as a client, installed does not 
show up in the Network Neighborhood's workgroup.  Server's IP address was 
changed, samba 2.0.7 was added and now it does not work.  You can get to the 
server by typing it in by hand \\<server-name> or <server-ip> but it does not 
appear in the Work_groups list.

Apparently someone joined it to the domain but I can't get it to be seen.

I ran some debug commands with nmbd and received an error on nmblookup that it 
could not query the name.  I don't know what I need to do.

nmblookup -M <solaris-system name> 
error: name_query failed to find name <solaris-system name>.

Please advise.

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