codepage & character set

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Mar 27 20:47:26 GMT 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Martin Foerster wrote:

> Does Anybody have an Idea how I get out of this? I can't redo the whole job,
> we are talking about 100GB.

Write a script/program to find all files with strange chars (the ones
renamed after the move from the NT) and rename them on the unix side to
the proper local üäö...

I think you will find that the values on the unix side are the same bad
value for each char, like:
	x maps to ä	(except that x isn't a "bad" char)
	y maps to ü

Stop samba
Run the script/program
Fix the smb.conf to have codepage settings
Start samba

Some study here may help understanding what went where ...


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