Samba 2.2 alpha3 released

Martin Thomas mthomas at
Tue Mar 27 14:46:25 GMT 2001


> The Team will be monitoring the feedback and this will help
> for the next alpha.

There is still one thing I can not get to work: If there
are directorys in the Windows user profile that have
the dos 'read-only' attribute samba 2.2 writes them with
mode rwx in the profile share on the Unix system, it should be
r-x. Windows 2000 uses the read only attribute to find out
if the directory acts as a normal directory or as a 'shortcut to...'
(cvs Version 27.3.01 around 3:00am GMT)

> for Samba. This version must not be run in production.

Ok - but sometimes you have to...

> The documentation in this alpha snapshot has been updated and

Can someone update the pdc-faq? I think some people (me too) get confused
since /usr/sbin/useradd and /usr/sbin/adduser are there on most
Linux systems but take different parameters.

> ./configure now supports a --with-acl-support that attempts
> to select the correct ACL implementation.

Should this be a default for Windows 2000 clients? 

> Re-written rpcclient to allow UNIX client upload/download of printer
> drivers.

I think there have been same permission problems during pinter driver upload
in the cvs from 26.3.01 it seems to work with the cvs version from 27.3.01.
Don't know if the problem is also in the alpha 3 ftp-Version.

> Policy handle allocation made per pipename specific.

Is there a policy howto for Windows 2000 clients? 
Any kind of emulation of the W2000 Server group policys?


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