Mounts on Mac, Linux but not Win98 - bad password

Michael D. Crawford crawford at
Tue Mar 27 11:36:53 GMT 2001

I am trying to set up Samba for the very first time in my life on a SlackWare
Linux 7.1 system.  I'm using kernel 2.4.2, and the Samba 2.0.7 that comes
precompiled with Slackware 7.

I'm only moderately clueful at this point, but I have experience with other
Linux and networking stuff.  I can build Samba from sources if you think that
would help.

I ran through the diagnostic tests given on the Samba page somewhere and
worked out a few problems already, but failed with "net view" as discussed below.

The Linux laptop is named kingofswing.

I can mount it right away from a Macintosh running Thursby's DAVE 

I can mount it from itself with smbclient using either the IP address or the
server name:

smbclient //kingofswing/smbtest
(prompted for password, mounts just fine)

But I can't get on from Windows 98.  I've tried two different usernames one
Windows 98, which both match users on kingofswing, and I'm sure I've got the
passwords right:

net view \\KINGOFSWING

error 86: the specified network password is incorrect...

It doesn't help to force a username with "user = mike" in any of the sections
of my smb.conf file.

I'm not using a DNS nameserver for any of my local hosts, these are three
machines on a LAN.  I have host names in the /etc/hosts file on kingofswing.

I found I needed to specify both my machine names and my network address under
"hosts allow" to have the shares shareable to the Windows machine (Bjarne). 
I'm pretty sure my hosts allow is right.  I don't have a hosts deny section.

I've pored through the diagnostic tests and while there _were_ things wrong
that I have fixed, I can't find anything I can do that makes a difference.

Thanks for any enlightenment you can give me.

Michael D. Crawford
GoingWare Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting
crawford at

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