samba on unixware 7 - password checking

Jurriaan Kalkman Jurriaan.Kalkman at
Mon Mar 26 15:04:11 GMT 2001

I'm having a lot of trouble of getting samba to correctly check my passwords.

I'm using 2.0.5a at the moment (this is a production machine, and breaking the
correctly working print-services is not an option).

If I define IA_UINFO in passdb/pass_check.c, the encrypted password it
thinks I should have doesn't match the encrypted password that I type in.

If I don't define IA_UINFO, the encrypted password is 'x', like it has trouble getting
correct password.

I've checked the source from the SCO package, but apart from some other
compiler flags, nothing has changed.

Has anyone succeeded in getting samba to run on unixware 7 - and what
did you do?


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