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Mon Mar 26 14:15:55 GMT 2001

Hi Greg,
it's easy: Configure searches for the original C++-Compiler, "cc". I presume
you're using gcc (I do so on SUN Solaris), and it should be no problem to
make configure see what it wants:
Just link "gcc" to "cc" in /usr/local/bin (or whereever "gcc" is installed),
and it should work, 'cause the two compilers are fully compatible.
BtW: If you don't want to set the link in /usr/..., (maybe because of
security issues), you can also set the link in the dir where you want to
compile samba, if you add "." to the path-Variable by: (This is for bash)
"export PATH=$PATH:."
Best regards,
and nice work with samba,
Harald Husemann
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Materna GmbH
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Von: Gregory Malsack [mailto:gmalsack at]
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Betreff: lost??

    Why does my sco unix odt system 5 come back and tell me that there is no
cc found in $PATH after typing in ./configure?
Thank you for your anticipated assistance.
Gregory Malsack
Technical Sales & Service Manager
Data Direct Distributors

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