2.2 Alpha3 - how stable is it?

GL Fournerat gary at netin.com
Mon Mar 26 13:13:13 GMT 2001

Personally, I wouldn't even use a _beta_ version in a production
environment... much less an alpha.  I run into enough problems with
production releases (MS) to keep me busy enough as it is.  Installing an
alpha release on my home/lab network might be something I try only after
I've backed up everything I can backup.


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Subject: 2.2 Alpha3 - how stable is it?

> Hi all,
> I was wondering what the feeling was of those on this list as to how
> this alpha is?  Is it useable in a production environment for basic file
> sharing of a shared database (ACT)?
> The reason I am asking is I am having major file corruption issues with
> Win2K clients using 2.07, and if the suggestions already made do not fix
> problem, I would be willing to try it, if it is (useable, that is).
> Otherwise, this will put a MAJOR delay in my Win2K->Linux conversion
> for our network, and this would be a definite 'not-good' as far as my
> already skeptical attitude toward making this change.
> Thanks
> Charles Marcus
> I.T. Director
> Media Brokers International
> CharlesM at Media-Brokers.com
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