undesired root password change (2)

Jeroen Heijungs Jeroen.Heijungs at Het-Muziektheater.nl
Mon Mar 26 12:23:37 GMT 2001

In addition to my last message.
there is offcause a workaround which in my case is in fact a very good
solution, and that is NOT to synchronize SMB and Unix passwords (unix
password sync = No) which is the default. I do not want my SMB users to
login to FreeBSD, so I do not really have the need for syncing (Unix
password will never be used), except for myself and a admin-like userid,
these I can handle by hand. 
But again that is for my specific situation.

BTW isn't there an option to force periodic password change?

thanks in advance
Jeroen Heijungs
Het Muziektheater
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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