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Jason Osborne jason at sohonetworks.cc
Sun Mar 25 23:11:50 GMT 2001


I had a quick question regarding login scripts in Samba. I own my own
business and have a database I use quite often. I have had problems with it
corrupting itself (not related to samba) due to poor program coding. I need
to make sure that I don't loose my data in this database, so I want to make
a backup of the database with tar each day and keep this backup for seven

I usually copy of the database to the laptop before I leave in the mornings
so that I can access it on the road. I would like to be able to automate
this process with scripts. Especially if I can set it up to automatically
run when the laptop logs in. I know I can setup the login.bat to copy a file
over to the server when the server logs in, but is there a way to trigger
the file rotation with tar when this script runs?


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